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If you are planning a music video for you or your band, we’d love to discuss the project with you. Get in touch with us today. Feel free to bring any ideas and we will expand this for the best results. We offer end to end services and we will expertly guide you from concept and strategy into the final production.
Let’s talk about your next music video.

We make it a priority to have each music video ready as fast as possible from the production date. Choose a studio or a location performance production. We arrange all the production, the timeline, equipment, cameras & lighting, editing – grading & the final export.

The most successful shoots come from having a solid plan. Location scouting, casting, hiring hair & make-up artists, building beat sheets, shot lists, storyboards, etc. are crucial for a fun, stress free shoot. If you want for us to take charge of this part of the pro- duction we are willing and able.

We are a fully equipped production house. However, we cannot obtain all the gear out there. If you have specific needs there may be gear we do not own, some examples being: projector, DJ Lights, tilt-shift lens, sunlight ARRIs, RED Dragon, bullet time rig, 360 cameras, etc. Not sure what you need or if we have it?
We can help you figure it out.



Another way to bring your music to the crowds. We use original content and creative ideas for videos. Use the lyric videos for Youtube, for Bandcamp, for Social Media or other streaming services.
Don’t waste your time, contact us now!

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