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Are you new as musician/band? Need someone’s expertise to distribute your music worldwide digitally? We are here to consult you and plan your next releases. We bring your music to the world. Keep splits from your rights. We release and distribute your music to all major music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc.
We manage the services professionaly for you.

Unholystudios.com Spotify for Artists
Unholystudios.com Spotify for Artists
Unholystudios.com - Bandcamp



Choose the path of Bandcamp for you or your band. Get your music released and get new listeners and fans. Turn all your listeners to dedicated crowd and share with them unique merchandise. We manage to deliver and release your music to Bandcamp, we manage your merchandising and future releases. We contact your fans and inform them for new music and items. Monetize your music in a unique way. Get into the universe of Bandcamp.


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